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Welcome to Madison Elementary School

To those of you new to the district and to everyone returning for another year we hope you and your child have a wonderful school year. The entire staff is dedicated to providing a high quality education to every child. This document is full of information relating to our school. The topics are arranged in sections with an index in the back to make finding specific information easier.


Madison Local Schools The staff, students, families and community members of the Madison Local School District are committed to working together to ensure that all our students become contributing members of a global society. We intend to do this by:
  • Creating a safe learning environment that promotes and expects academic excellence and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Setting high standards and expectations for all
  • Providing programs that will meet individual needs
  • Assisting each student to develop a positive self-image and sense of self-worth
  • Equipping students with the tools to adapt to a rapidly and constantly changing world


Our vision for MADISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is that we will form a new learning community that will prepare and challenge each student academically, emotionally, and socially as an individual. Students will become life-long learners while achieving success as integral members of society. In reaching our vision, we propose to encourage the following philosophical beliefs:
  • To recognize that all students learn as individuals according to their unique learning style.
  • To provide students with problem solving experience, both independently and cooperatively.
  • To promote high expectations of a learning community which will result in academic, emotional, and social growth for all students.
  • To provide a clean, safe, caring environment that will promote a sense of belonging.
  • To provide necessary staff development to encourage school unity and professional growth.